Ring of Solomon

Ring of King Solomon

Buy the ring of Solomon - the path to strength and wisdom of the greatest ruler of the world
Many legends are associated with the ring of Solomon. Each author raskazyvaet events in their own way.
This ring is considered one of the most mystical, unusual and strong talismans.
It is he who is constantly asked in the online store ("sealofsolomon"), they buy not only for protection from adversity, but for gaining wisdom. We will tell you not about why, but about how this happens.
What legends tell: the ring of King Solomon "Everything will pass," or how tamed demons
Proverbs and legends told to our generations a parable that King Solomon ordered to build a temple in Jerusalem. When carrying out construction work, one of the young apprentices, whom the sovereign particularly welcomed, was saddened. He was grim by the day.
the ring of Solomon Solomon took part in the fate of the young man. He could not help but wonder what the cause of sadness was. The apprentice told the ruler a strange story. the ring goes all through. The young man said that in the evenings he was an evil demon. He selects food and money earned during the day. The worst thing is, he sucks blood from the thumb of his right hand!
The king began to pray for the young man. Archangel Michael appeared to Solomon, having heard the prayers. He gave the ruler a ring on that finger. The product was endowed with magical power. It was the very ring of King Solomon, about which they talk so much, but they could not solve the mystery, No matter how hard they tried, many generations of inhabitants of the earth.
Becoming the owner of a magical talisman, the king received the opportunity to subjugate the demons.

72 evil spirits he forced to work on the construction of the temple, and then imprisoned them in a copper amphora. By putting a seal with the ring, Solomon threw a vessel with spirits into the lake.
As it turned out, not all demons were sharpened. The rest have adopted human greed. Cunning spirits told people about the infinite riches of Solomon. They declared that the treasures are lurking in the vessel.

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