Women's silver watch Shablool [26]

Women's watches are not only useful, but also a stylish accessory. Despite the abundance of various devices (phones, tablets) showing the time of wrist watches to this day remain the most in demand device showing time. A special niche among the variety of models is occupied by silver watches. They are not only a chronometer, but also a stylish decoration emphasizing the style of a woman. Women's silver watches, made in Israel, for many years are considered the standard of jewelry mastery, because it is in them that the craftsmen use traditional patterns, which the east is so famous for. Our products are supplied with a reliable watch mechanism manufactured in Israel, not China, which has been operating smoothly for many years. As for the cases of watches and bracelets, they are all hand-made, using modern technologies of silver processing on the most accurate equipment. Each piece is produced piece-wise, and in its own unique way, thanks to the manual chasing of the pattern, so the probability of meeting similar clocks with your friends or colleagues is very small.
Quartz movement waterproof mechanism
For all watches presented in our collection, we provide 1 year warranty