Ring of Fatima

Ring of Fatima ID#607

Categories: Hamsa amulet

Tags: hand of fatima ring meaning hamsa ring Кольцо Рука Хамса


The Hamsa Hand (Fatima Hand) is a very famous ancient amulet amulet, symbolizing the Hand of God. In all religions it is a protective sign. He gives his owner protection, good luck. The hand of the hamsa includes the symbol of the evil eye, which is believed to protect against the evil eye. Hamsa charm is often worn as a pendant or on a ring, but it can also be worn as a keychain or as jewelry.

Weight 0 g
Ring Size Not defined, 5 US (15.7mm), 5.5 US (16.1mm), 6 US (16.5mm), 6.5 US (16.9mm), 7 US (17.3mm), 7.5 US (17.7mm), 8 US (18.2mm), 8.5 US (18.5mm), 9 US (18.9mm), 9.5 US (19.4mm), 10 US (19.8mm), 10.5 US (20.2mm), 11 US (20.7mm), 11.5 US (21.1mm), 12 US (21.5mm)
Metal Sterling Silver 925
Type Ring
The Package Includes 1 x Fatima Hand Ring