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We would like to open to you. mystery and magic of the Ring of Atlantis.

The mysterious ring of Atlantis was discovered in 1860 by the French Egyptologist Marquis Agrain during an archaeological excavation in the Valley of the Kings, near the city of Luxor in Egypt. Along with the ring, papyruses were also found, providing information and accurate guidance on the ring. According to, the source of the Ring of Atlantis can be traced to the lost ancient continent of Atlantis. (The ancient Egyptians believed that they were the ancestors of the lost continent of Atlantis).
The ring is made of 925 silver, which is considered the metal that provides peace of mind. The ring generates waves of positive energy that protect the person wearing the ring from negative energies. One of the most famous people who trusted the ability of the ring was the American archeologist Howard Carter. He was convinced that he was the only person who survived the research team that studied Tutankhamen’s grave, only because he wore a similar ring.

Look at the ring, on it you can see 3 small pyramids on one and 3 on the second side. The pyramids attract cosmic energy. There are 3 silver bars connecting the opposite pairs of pyramids, and so they increase the energy. The energy passes through 2 isosceles triangles, located on the sides of the pyramids, into 2 holes and through these holes into 2 waves, which are combined into infinity sign. There are also 2 more openings on the upper and lower side of the ring, through which all the unnecessary energy is discharged. Therefore, whenever a person wears this ring, it has a strong effect on his / her aura. Creates a protective layer in the form of a shield around the person. The ring has many qualities that become deeper when put on certain fingers:

Type Pendant
Metal Sterling Silver 925
Chain Chain Not Included, Silicone Necklace, Sterling Silver Necklace
Made in Israel
Size 4.0 x 0.9 cm.
The Package Includes 1 x Atlantis Pendant