The Letter-Combination of Moses Amulet

The Letter-Combination of Moses Amulet ID#112

Categories: Kabbalah Symbols


Amulet contains a mystical cipher has a wonderful ability to bring good luck, to change people's lives and perform intimate wishes.More known examples of use of force by the code are: moving the Red Sea, carved out of rock water through the wand and the phenomenon of God to Moses in the burning kupine.According tradition, the code had given him back in the Garden of Eden, and then was inherited by Noah, then passed three forefathers Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and, finally, the code was given to Moses. "Rod of God, Moses took in his hand" (Exodus 4:20). On the other side of the amulet is a send-off prayer of the children of Israel unto the Sacred Blessed One: "The Lord is my strength and my glory, He was my salvation. He is my Gd and praise him, the Gd of my father, and I will exalt him "(Exodus 15:2).

Weight 11.2 g
Metal Sterling Silver 925
Chain Silicone Necklace, Sterling Silver Necklace
Made in Israel