Кольцо амулет на любовь

Кольцо амулет на любовь ID#98

Категории: Кольцо Соломона

Теги: Любовь Амулет Кольцо амулет на любовь Соломона Печать любви ring-amulet of King Solomon’s love


The ring of love will help attract the love you could only dream of. The basis of happy love is fully compatible energy partners. The ring adjusts the energy vibrations to a single frequency level, which guarantees maximum compatibility and harmony. The ring can contribute to building a new family, as well as restoring a shattered one. It is worth noting that the ring perfectly keeps love at a distance, and even strengthens it. With this ring you can overcome any difficulties of a personal and family nat

Размер Кольца Not defined, 5 US (15.7mm), 6 US (16.5mm), 7 US (17.3mm), 8 US (18.2mm), 9 US (18.9mm), 10 US (19.8mm), 11 US (20.7mm), 12 US (21.5mm), 13 US (22.3mm)
Металл Sterling Silver 925
Сделано в Israel