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So what is the original Atlantean ring meaning?

If you look carefully at the ring, you can see 3 small pyramids on one side and 3 more on the other side. A pyramid has a shape that pulls cosmic energy. There are 3 bars made of gold, which connect the opposite pairs of pyramids, and so empower the energy. The energy flows through 2 isosceles triangular, placed next to pyramids, into 2 holes and through these holes inside into 2 waves that combine into infinity sign. There are also another 2 holes , on the upper and lower side of the ring, through which all the unnecessary energy is being discharged. Therefore, whenever a person wears this ring, it has a powerful effect on his/her aura. It creates a protection layer as a shield around the person. The ring carries multiple qualities that become profound when placed on certain fingers:

If you wear it on the pinkie finger (smallest), it brings the quality of abundance, prosperity and success. Physiologically it is good for breathing and guts. If you wear it on the ring finger, it is good for general health and physiologically for the functions of heart, digest system, joints inflammation, bones, brain and sexual organs.
If you wear it on the middle finger, it brings the quality of love, matching and fertility. Physiologically it is good for spinal, muscles, and also for artery. If you wear it on the index finger, it brings the quality of intelligence. Physiologically it is good for the nerve system and liver. If you wear it on the thumb, it brings the quality of wisdom and intellect. Physiologically it is good for the throat, blood cycle, and urine system. The ring is meant for personal use only. It sponges the energy of the person who uses it, and therefore it is not effective to lend it to somebody else. You can wear it on your finger or carry it in your pocket or anywhere where it comes into contact with your skin. Some people experience better results and changes while wearing the ring on the right hand, especially in terms of problem solving. Wearing the ring on the left hand provides usually for general well -being and personal strength. If you experience an over-energized feeling or changes in the rhythm of regular sleep, you should wear the ring in daylight only.

Metal Sterling Silver 925