Mystical ring with meaningful Kabbalah

Mystical ring with meaningful Kabbalah ID#962


Tags: Ring Jewish Judaica Kabbalah Kabbalah rings Spinning Hebrew Statement Ring Мистические кольцо с значимые Каббалы


If someone wants to buy a silver 925 with pure 9K gold ring, he should know that a short prayer is written on the jewelry. People believe that such a ring is a talisman. It can protect from mystical influence and can make life more happy. This is true. The ring has power, but somebody can take it, if he will believe.
The ring is decorated with zirconium. Two rows of stones are placed on both sides of the prayer. Jewelry looks modest. But it is a strong talisman. Its owner may not worry that someone will be able to jinx it. Mystical influence is real, but with a bimetallic ring with a prayer it is possible to avoid it.

It is a silver 925 thick ring, with 9K GOLD on the edges of the ring and on the letter. and prayer אני לדודי ודודי לי

Ring Size Not defined, 5 US (15.7mm), 5.5 US (16.1mm), 6 US (16.5mm), 6.5 US (16.9mm), 7 US (17.3mm), 7.5 US (17.7mm), 8 US (18.2mm), 8.5 US (18.5mm), 9 US (18.9mm), 9.5 US (19.4mm), 10 US (19.8mm), 10.5 US (20.2mm), 11 US (20.7mm), 11.5 US (21.1mm), 12 US (21.5mm), 12.5 US (21.9mm), 13 US (22.3mm)