Kabbalah Rings

Kabbalah Rings ID#960


Tags: Ring With 3 Judaica Jewish kabbalah jewelry from israel Kabbalah rings Кольца Каббала


You can buy Ring With 3 Judaica Jewish to get a beautiful jewellery and a strong talisman. On the ring there are three ancient Jewish inscriptions are written. Also on each circle there is an ancient sign of Kabbalah. David's stars are decorative elements and ancient symbols of the wisdom of king Solomon.
The ring is made of gold and silver 925. Non-precious stones are inlaid on the perimeter of the product. Also similar to diamond stones are inserted into ancient signs. On the ring there is a pattern of hearts inside. The ring is a talisman and has magical powers. However, it can also be used as a jewellery.

Ring Size Not defined, 5 US (15.7mm), 5.5 US (16.1mm), 6 US (16.5mm), 6.5 US (16.9mm), 7 US (17.3mm), 7.5 US (17.7mm), 8 US (18.2mm), 8.5 US (18.5mm), 9 US (18.9mm), 9.5 US (19.4mm), 10 US (19.8mm), 10.5 US (20.2mm), 11 US (20.7mm), 11.5 US (21.1mm), 12 US (21.5mm), 12.5 US (21.9mm)