Jewelry made in israel

Jewelry at all times played an important role in society. In ancient times, a certain sacred and magical meaning was invested in jewelry. They protected from evil thoughts and evil misfortunes, attracted luck and well-being to the family. In our time, the role of jewelry is reduced to a greater extent to the attributes of luxury and prestige, rather than to esoteric values. As a rule, Oriental jewelry tried to make gold from silver with gold inserts, since these elements were always considered precious metals and they had a special magical value.

In Israel, the art of jewelry is set at an unusually high level, which allows you to choose an ornament to suit every taste and color. A distinctive feature of Israeli jewelry is the preservation of the ancient esoteric traditions in the jewelry art. Each product has a special, magical meaning. For example, if you need to protect yourself from betrayal or to increase your level of courage and chastity, then you should buy jewelry in the form of Hamsa made of silver.

To attract success in the personal and intimate sphere, it is recommended to use Israel's silver jewelry, as they greatly increase the level of attention of your partner to you. Decorations with Eilat stone inserts lead the owner to fame and prosperity. And to raise good luck, we recommend choosing topaz, amethyst

In the selection of jewelry should pay attention to the materials and the projected objectives of these products. Since different materials interact in different ways with the energy of a person, that for one development for another can become a burden. When choosing a gift for a loved one, you should consider his zodiac sign, since different elements react to chemical elements in different ways.

The best choice for a gift is jewelry in the form of pendants and pendants, as they have no attachment to size. The jewelry presented in this section will greatly decorate your life with joy and lead to prosperity and success!

In addition, jewelry in the old days besides purely aesthetic purpose also had a sacral meaning. It was believed that products made of precious metals, such as gold or silver, had an incredible energy. The help to this was the use of a variety of symbolism that adorned ancient jewelry. Oriental decorations are distinguished by a special variety of various symbols and ciphers. These should include jewelry from Israel. This country is famous for its rich esoteric heritage, the interest in which does not fade even in our time. Modern Israeli jewelry in beauty, quality, wealth of symbolism and esoteric power are not inferior to the ancient counterparts. Buy original jewelry from Israel.

Our online store is able to offer you a huge range of gold and silver jewelry that can be worn both directly on the body and on clothing. The Israeli jewelery presented on the website is precious necklaces and rings, earrings and pendants made from high-grade metals. Why is gold and silver used to make jewelry? Not because it is the most common precious metals. The fact is that silver and gold are among the first metals that appeared at the time of the universe - this is the high esoteric meaning of the use of these two noble metals. What else makes our jewelry different? Israel, as is known, is a country of centuries-old traditions, which honors its history and religion.

That is why all jewelry items are decorated with various kabbalistic symbols that have a specific purpose and fulfill the task prescribed to them. On earrings, pendants, rings, you can see the menorah or harp, hamsa or the star of David, as well as many other traditional symbols of Judaica. Fine jewelry work of masters together with ancient Kabbalistic knowledge allows you to create unique jewelry that serves not only as an ornament, but also an amulet, a talisman or a talisman for their owner.

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