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Kosher Mezuza Q and A

/ September 4, 2014 0 comments

What is a mezuzah? A mezuza can be described as a rectangular case that contains two chapters from the Torah that is written in Hebrew by a hand on a piece of parchment. It can also be defines as a piece of parchment with a designed decorative casing in which this parchment is put.The Torah has verses from the Old Testament Deuteronomy 6:4-9 and 11:13-21. This is a prayer that quotes the bible verse. It reads "Hear O Israel, GOD is our GOD, GOD is one." These words are said in the Jewish prayer and should be recited every morning and evening. This is a primal statement of what it means to be a Jew.

Jews are supposed to hang the mezuza on the doorposts of their houses and as such you must know how to hang a mezuzah. A mezuza should be affixed on every door except the bathroom and small rooms as the commandment says, "And you shall inscribe them on the doorposts of your home and on your gates" (ibid verse 9). The mezuzah meaning is that God is watching over you and the mezuza is a symbol of God's watchful eye. The name God appears on the reverse side of the parchment and is written Sha-Dai and is an acronym for the Hebrew word which means "Guardian of the doorways of Israel" and the Jews believe that placing the mezuza protects the owner and inhabitants of the home wherever they are.

The scroll of the mezuza is made by a specially qualifies scribe who has undergone years of training for this holy job. This mezuzah placement has been in existence as the Jewish nations and Jews in the diaspora still keep this tradition. Affixing and placement of the mezuzah has special rules which must be followed to the letter. The placement should be made on each doorpost of the house and on the entrance of each and every room apart from the bathroom and also small rooms. It should be placed on the right side of the door and in the upper third of the doorpost. The mezuza should be placed within a period of 30 days after moving in a new apartment or rented house.

It should be noted that the mezuza should be checked twice every seven years by a qualified scribe. Before placing the mezuzah, a special recite must be said just before putting it up, it is a blessing and in should be recited "Blessed are you, God our God, King of the Universe, Who has made us holy with his mitzvahs and has commanded us to affix a mezuza." After the blessing, the mezuza is permanently placed on the doorpost with the top pointing inwards. When examining the mezuza, a professional should be given this job and that is why getting the best is paramount in ensuring that the mezuza is in the right hands.

At Seal of Solomon store, the scribe will check that no single letter has been cracked and that the mezuza is still Kosher and keeps its function of protecting the house and bringing happiness and holiness to the house. We also sell yamaka, menorah and mezuza to customers all over the world. The mezuzahs are produced under close supervision to ensure that the writing of the parchments meets the required high standards and that the scrolls will conform to the halachic requirements. Try us today.

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