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2018 — King of Solomon

  • Bracelet 72 names

    Bracelet 72 names

    The 72 names of God is inspired from the 3 verses that are available in the book of Exodus in 14:19-21. The 72 names of God list is represented by 3 Hebrew letters. With the 72 names of God means that these letters have immense strength and power that have the ability to master the laws of human nature. Along with the ability to succeed over nature in every form.

    This is the same technique that was available to Moses. This technique has been hidden in the Zohar for 2000 years. During that time the Kabbalist Rav Shimon recorded that it was Moses who was able to part the Red Sea and not the work of God himself. According to the legend the 72 names of God Kabbalah was given too Moses during his experience at the Burning Bush. Moses had received the knowledge that gave him the ability to part the Red Sea. He was able to do this through the power of his own personal confidence and the power of an ancient spiritual technology. With this knowledge he had the power to control the laws of nature.

    The spiritual tools and mantras are used to help with this transformation. This transformation will assists with personal goals. The 72 names of God have a spiritual soul vibration that creates energy. By reading the Hebrew words from right to left the soul recognizes the vibration of energy that is created. Once this energy is created an energy field will be produce and can be used for positive means. The 72 names of God can help you with various issues that involve healing, self esteem, joy, abundance, blessings, physical, and mental well being. Along with the ability to help you overcome negativity, anger, stress and depression.

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