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July 2014 — Seal of Solomon

  • Evil Eye

    Evil Eye

    Several inexplicable bad events follow people around. Evil eyes are responsible for many of the misfortunes people suffer in life. Different cultures around the world attribute negative things to evil eyes. Evil eyes are defined as the bad gaze or a look from another person that could cause misfortune or bad luck for the rest of such a person's life. People sometimes give others evil eyes intentionally and unintentionally.

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  • Hand of Hamsa Symbol Meaning

    Hand of Hamsa Symbol Meaning

    The world offers a variety of ups and downs. Circumstances are sometimes not what we had expected. Everyone could use a little help now and then. It’s easy to lose sight of the things that are truly important when luck and prosperity seem to be elusive. The Hamsa hand brings an inspiring reminder that we are protected from bad luck and the powerful influences of the winds that can blow in a chaotic fashion.

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