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January 2014 — Seal of Solomon

  • Story of This Too Shall Pass Ring

    Story of This Too Shall Pass Ring

    Gam zeh ya'avor is a Hebrew phrase meaning this too shall pass that is part of the Jewish wisdom. This phrase is part of a story that involves King Solomon. In this story of this too shall pass King Solomon ordered his servant to locate a ring that contained a certain magic. This magical ring the servant was ordered to locate had the ability to rid one of sorrow and fill a person with joy.

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  • The 72 Names of God

    The 72 Names of God

    The 72 names of God is inspired from the 3 verses that are available in the book of Exodus in 14:19-21. The 72 names of God list is represented by 3 Hebrew letters. With the 72 names of God means that these letters have immense strength and power that have the ability to master the laws of human nature. Along with the ability to succeed over nature in every form.

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