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2013 — Seal of Solomon

  • Secret Flower of Life Symbol

    Secret Flower of Life Symbol

    Flower of life amulets behold the magic energy of creation which helps us get closer to God. Flower of life pendant is excellent for healing and helps in connecting to the higher self. A "Flower of Life" figure consists of seven or more overlapping circles, in which the center of each circle is on the circumference of up to six surrounding circles of the same diameter.

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  • The Secret of Solomon Seals

    We are delighted to introduce to you the Seals of King Solomon - an ancient source of wisdom. Each seal bears the ancient wisdom of the wise King Solomon. The powerful source of wisdom can bestow harmony to people's everyday life. Jews have known the powers of the seals for thousands of years. Christians and Muslims also believe in the great powers of these seals. Evidence has been found in churches and mosques all over the world, where the seals are embedded in their decorations as a source of divine power.

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